Student Writing Journal - 70pg, blank

Student Journals with 70 pages, 8-1/2" x 11" with wire-o binding. Binding lays flat for any page, and pages do not fall out as they will with plastic finger bindings. Custom made with extra-heavy 70# unlined white drawing paper, so our MK001 permanent markers will not bleed through; you can use both sides of the page. Front cover is blank white for drawing and labeling by the student; the heavy chipboard back cover protects the pages during daily use. Ideal for student writing journals. This product is available as a 4-pack or as a single.

In Reading Recovery, the student normally is discontinued within 12 weeks, or 60 lessons. This wastes a number of pages in a 100-page journal. With paper prices up so sharply, we've added a journal with fewer pages to help keep costs and waste down. Identical to our popular JL001 100pg journal in all other respects.

Student Writing Journal, Set of 4 - 70pg, blank

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Student Writing Journal, Single - 70pg, blank

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