Reading Recovery Starter Kit

With our starter kits, we have curated all the materials you need to set up for Reading Recovery®. Each kit provides a teacher with the materials needed to support instruction, gathered into a single kit. While created with the Reading Recovery teacher in mind, this kit is ideal for any teacher supporting one-to-one instruction for literacy intervention.


  • 4 packs of Lowercase Magnetic Letters
  • 1 pack of Uppercase Magnetic Letters
  • 2 Letter Storage Boxes
  • 4 Student Binders
  • 4 Binder Folder Dividers
  • 4 Student Journals: 70 blank pages
  • 4 Student File Boxes
  • 2 rolls 1″ Coverup Tape
  • 4 Student Book Bags
  • 1 pack of 300 Sentence Strips
  • 1 box of 500 envelopes
  • 1 Lesson Timer

Reading Recovery Starter Kit


Price: $245.00

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