Reading Recovery Starter Kit

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Resources for Reading kits are an easy way to get the materials you need to set up for Reading Recovery with a single order, at 5% to 15% off the regular price of the items in the kit. You have enough to worry about as a Teacher Leader or Teacher in Training without running around tracking down all the materials you need!

This kit includes our exclusive Hard Foam Magnetic Letters, which have the correct letter formation and proportions, and don't slip on your magnetic markerboard or easel.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 ML-U Set of 32 Upper Case Magnetic Letters
  • 1 ML-L Set of 116 Lower Case Magnetic Letters
  • 4 JL003 70-page student journals
  • 1 SS001 pack of 300 white sentence strips
  • 4 Send-Home Book Bags
  • 1 Electronic Timer
  • Set of 4 SF001 Student File Boxes
  • 4 SB002 Student Binders, 1-1/2" rings
  • 4 BF001 Set of 5 Binder Folder Dividers
  • 2 LS001 Letter Storage Boxes
  • 1 EN001 Box of 500 #10 Envelopes
  • 1 MK016 Set of 12 Permanent Water-based fine-tip Markers
  • 2 CT002 Coverup Tape, 1" wide

Call to find out about additional discounts if you are ordering 6 or more kits.

Reading Recovery Starter Kit


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