Mini Pocket Chart, 6 pockets, 28" x 27"

This 6 pocket mini-sized chart measures 28"w x 27"h. The pocket chart has clear pockets and a colored nylon backing, in your choice of 4 colors instead of just the usual blue. Grommets across the top make it easy to hang this pocket chart from hooks (see our MR025 Extremely Strong Magnet Hooks for our favorite).

Our regular price is already discounted for teachers! This exclusive pocket chart does not include a wooden dowel rod to stiffen the backing, but dowel rods are inexpensive and easy to find at any hardware store. You save $7.00 or more on the chart because we don't include that $.50 piece of wood!

Be sure to specify a color on your order, or we will choose a color for you.

Mini Pocket Chart, 6 pockets, 28" x 27"

SKU: PC20090

Price: $18.90 $2.99


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