Letter Storage Box

ON BACK ORDER UNTIL OCTOBER 8TH These sturdy plastic storage boxes are the best we've found anywhere! Use them for sorting and storing your magnetic letters. The 24 compartments measure 2" x 2" x 2", made of durable translucent see-through plastic so you can see the letters stored inside. They are extremely tough and slightly flexible so it won't crack like those plastic tackleboxes do. The flip-top lid snaps shut to securely hold your letters so they won't spill.

These are the highest-quality plastic storage boxes you'll find anywhere -- don't be deceived by others! Sure, cheap tackle boxes cost less, but you'll be disappointed with them, and need to buy new ones many times because they break so easily.

Each storage box can hold up to 4 sets of letters (depending on the size of the letters, of course), but we recommend using 2 boxes to store upper-case and lower-case letters separately.

Letter Storage Box

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Price: $12.99

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