WIDE Magnetic Lightning Board/Flannel Easel

These top-quality magnetic easels feature our unique 4-in-1 Lightning Board writing surface which provides:
  • magnetic
  • dry-erase
  • chalkboard, and
  • projection screen for overheads
all in one surface. The other side of this floor-standing easel is a magnetic blue flannel board, so you can use your flannel letters and forms, magnetics, or both. Frame and legs are made of hard oak to provide extra stability and long life. This wide format board has writing surfaces 36"w x 24"h, with legs so the top of the easel stands 43" off the floor. An extra-long magnetic big-book holder is included to more securely retain your big books and still allow easy page turning. See our MC018 easel for these unique magnetic surfaces in a narrow format.

Note to teachers at APO and FPO addresses: this easel is too large to be shipped by mail. That means we can not ship this easel to APO or FPO addresses, per USPS regulations. Please see our item MC003 Tabletop Magnetic Easel as an alternative.

This sale item is sold non-returnable.

WIDE Magnetic Lightning Board/Flannel Easel

SKU: MC019

Price: $279.95 $119.99

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