Removable Note Tape, 1-7/8" w/Dispenser

Note Tape is wide fluorescent-colored highlighter tape with removable adhesive. It's great for highlighting passages or whole paragraphs in your books, and is especially good for use with large-print big books. You can write on it, make your own notes and annotations, yet still remove all traces of your mark-ups. Idea for Teacher Leaders: annotate your Teachers' records, circle entries, and make marks which are not permanent. Roll is 1-7/8" wide by 393" long.

All six colors of Note Tape are now available in thea plastic refillable dispenser. See our NT002 Note Tape Refills for refill rolls in six bright colors! Our NT006 6-Color Assortment includes one roll of each color Note Tape, plus one plastic dispenser.

(test before using; may mark some surfaces and lift some inks and toners)

Removable Note Tape, 1-7/8" w/Dispenser

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