Plastic Letter Tiles, Set of 119 Double-Sided

White plastic letter tiles measure 1″w x 1-⅜″h, with silk screened red vowels and blue consonants. Each tile has the lower case letter on one side, the upper case letter on the reverse side of the same tile. The set includes both manuscript "ball-and-stick" and typographical "funky" versions of a, g, t, and y, so you can practice letter recognition of block print letters as well as what your students will find in books. Total of 119 tiles, with lots of vowels and multiples of consonants, plus useful punctuation and Spanish ñ and ll. Set contains 1 "Q" and "X", 2 each "J", "K", "L", "V", "W" and "Z", and 3 each of other consonants with 4 or more of each vowel. These are the tiles included in the LH007 and LH017 sets, and are available exclusively from Resources for Reading!

Plastic Letter Tiles, Set of 119 Double-Sided

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