No. 10 Mini Staples Refill, silver color

Pack of 1000 European size #10 staples to fit any other stapler which uses European-style No. 10 size staples (such as the red classic "Nostalgia" model Swingline Tot 50 Mini Stapler # 79129 and the Stanley Bostitch Mini Stapler # BOS10K).

NOTE: the Swingline brand "Tot Mini" stapler currently on the market, in blue, teal, burgundy, and green colors, uses standard US office staples. These No. 10 staples will not fit the Swingline Tot Mini stapler. These mini-size staples will not fit any stapler which uses standard desk size staples.

Stock up on this hard to find item! See also our OP049 Bulk Pack of 20 boxes of staples at more than 50% discount!

No. 10 Mini Staples Refill, silver color

SKU: OP018

Price: $1.99 $0.99


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