Magnetic Paint, Pint

Magnetic Paint, 1-Pint Can
Magnetic Paint turns any paintable surface into a magnetic playland. Infused with iron dust, this magnetic paint is a gray latex paint that works as a primer that attracts magnets (the paint is not itself a magnet, it attracts magnets). It is child safe and non toxic, and is completely safe to use near computers, since the paint attracts magnets but is not itself a magnet. After the magnetic paint dries, apply wallpaper or your favorite color of paint and your surface is now magnetic.

1 pint covers 12-15 square feet with 2 coats, depending on how the surface is prepared before painting (treat this like any latex interior paint; consult a paint expert for tips and advice on using latex paint). The more coats you apply, the better your magnets will stick. We have had good results with 3-4 coats, letting the paint dry thoroughly between coats.

Be sure to stir thoroughly before and often during painting! The iron particles in Magnetic Paint will settle to the bottom of the can, and must be mixed evenly for best results.

Magnetic Paint will have a somewhat rough surface; to make it smoother, sand very lightly between coats and before applying the top-coat.

NOTE! Magnetic Paint may not be shipped by air, per FAA and postal regulations, it can only be shipped by regular ground truck shipping. Do not select any shipping method besides UPS Ground or FedEx Ground, or your order will not be accepted. We can not ship paint by postal mail or by air; this means we can not ship to APO and FPO addresses, Alaska, Hawaii, or to other countries.

This paint is a 100% acrylic latex coating (water base), manufactured under exclusive license of patents #5,609,788 and 5,843,329. It is safe, contains no lead, and conforms to environmental VOC regulations. It produces low odor, and allows for easy application and clean up. Use anywhere you would use latex paint. Mix thoroughly before applying, and stir frequently during painting as the iron particles will tend to settle out to the bottom of the can. This product may be top-coated with any color latex or enamel paint for finish. Drying time between coats is approximately 4 hours, but please wait 24 hours before applying a top coat. Multiple coats increase magnetic receptivity. All tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with warm soapy water. Spills and spatters should be wiped up with a damp cloth before they dry. Formulation conforms to flame spread rate of Federation Specification TT-P-26. See the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) [PDF].

Magnetic Paint, Pint

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