Magnetic Lightning Board/Flannel Easel

These top-quality magnetic easels feature our unique 4-in-1 Lightning Board writing surface which provides:

  • magnetic
  • dry-erase
  • chalkboard, and
  • projection screen for overheads

all in one light gray surface. The other side of this floor-standing easel is a magnetic blue flannel board, so you can use your flannel letters and forms, magnetics, or both. The writing surfaces carry a 50 year manufacturer's warranty. Frame and legs are made of hard oak to provide extra stability and long life. This narrow format board has writing surfaces 24" w x 36" h, with legs so the top of the easel stands 51" off the floor. An extra-long magnetic big-book holder is included to more securely retain your big books and still allow easy page turning. See our MC019 easel for these unique magnetic surfaces in a wide format.

Magnetic Lightning Board/Flannel Easel

SKU: MC018

Price: $279.95 $99.99

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