Magnetic Interactive Writing Easel

This Magnetic Interactive Writing Easel is designed by early literacy teachers and manufactured exclusively for us, field-tested for group interactive writing activities. Features hardwood legs and frame, with a 36"w x 24"h solid hardboard panel with screw posts and holes drilled on 14" centers to hold our custom JL008 and JL016 Writing Chart Pads (sold separately). The panel on the other side is a magnetic wipe-off white markerboard. A wooden marker tray mounts at the bottom of each side to hold markers, erasers, or big books. A storage shelf on the bottom holds books and other materials, and makes this easel incredibly stable on the floor.

Board height is adjustable up to 44" off the floor, by choosing different mounting holes to attach the board to the hardwood legs. Easy to assemble in minutes with just a screwdriver. We recommend our BH001 or BH002 Magnetic Big Book Holders (sold separately) to hold the pages of a book open on the magnetic whiteboard side.

NOTE: this easel is designed for our JL008 and JL016 Writing Chart Pads, which are horizontal orientation for writing sentences. The standard chart pads you'll find in an office supply store are vertical orientation, and will not line up with the mounting screws. However, you can lean a tall office-style chart pad on this easel and use it that way.

For a lower-cost non-magnetic easel, see our exclusive MC016 Non-Magnetic Easel.

Note to teachers at APO and FPO addresses: this easel is too large to be shipped by mail. That means we can not ship this easel to APO or FPO addresses, per USPS regulations. Please see our item MC003 Tabletop Magnetic Easel as an alternative.

Be sure to read our Returns Policy as applicable to this easel.

Magnetic Interactive Writing Easel

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