Magnetic Foam Letters Lower Case, BLUE Vowels

Our innovative foam magnetic letters are custom designed specially for early literacy & Reading Recovery teachers. This 1-3/4" size is suitable for small group or class use, as well as individual instruction. (this set is mid-way in size between our 2" ML033 Foam Fun and our popular 1-1/4" ML011 Hard Foam letter sets.) The entire letter is magnetic -- letters won't slip even on markerboards! Zaner-Bloser manuscript letters, with lots of duplicates of high-frequency letters and punctuation. Finally you have enough of the letter "h"!. The letters are correctly designed, with tall ascenders and descenders -- no more confusing a too-short "d" with a letter "a"!
  • 1/4" thick hard high-density foam letters can be mixed and matched with the molded plastic magnetic letters you already have
  • the tallest lower-case letters ("h", "b", etc.) are 1-3/4" tall
  • set contains 116 lower case letters as shown
  • dots on "i", "j", "!", "?" are connected, not separate pieces to get lost
  • includes 't' and 'y' with both curved tails and straight tails in one set
  • set includes typographical ("funky") 'a' and 'g' as well as manuscript ("ball-and-stick") 'a' and 'g'
  • set ML156 has all blue vowels and all red consonants
  • see ML081 for Lower Case with red vowels and blue consonants, or ML079 for Lower Case letters in assorted colors
  • see ML080 for the matching set of Upper Case letters in red and blue
  • available exclusively from Resources for Reading!

Magnetic Foam Letters Lower Case, BLUE Vowels

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