Fine-Tip Dry Erase Marker w/ Eraser Cap, 12 black

These are the same markers as our exclusive super-erasable DM011 Dry Erase Markers with the magnetic eraser cap, but in a bulk set of 12 markers, all black. The low-odor ink erases completely from all dry-erase surfaces, and from many painted surfaces, too. Other markers often leave smudges and "ghosts", but these markers are great! The cap has a magnet so you can store your markers right on your magnetic markerboard. The built-in felt eraser lets your student practice letter formation by writing the letter, and then tracing the same path with the eraser tip to erase the letter. Fine-tip draws very narrow lines. (test the marker on an inconspicuous spot to make sure it erases well before using it on anything not intended for dry-erase markers!)

Fine-Tip Dry Erase Marker w/ Eraser Cap, 12 black

SKU: DM024

Price: $13.99 $2.99


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