Dual Magnetic ChalkBoard/MarkerBoard Easel (Narrow)

Good news! We found a very small number of this popular classroom easel lurking in a corner of our warehouse. Available first-come, first-served. Order soon!

Top-quality magnetic easel with extra-sturdy hardwood legs and frame, and features a large 21"w x 33"h green magnetic chalkboard on one side and a separate 21"w x 33"h white magnetic dry-erase markerboard ("white board") on the other. No need to interrupt the lesson to flip over a single writing surface, and both surfaces are magnetic!

Writing surfaces are porcelain on steel, the highest quality material for both chalkboard and markerboard, board. Magnetic letters hold well on the semi-smooth non-porous ceramic surface.

Overall height of easel is 44" off the floor. The narrow format is ideal if classroom or storage space is limited.

A magnetic big-book holder is included, and a utility shelf which can be inserted between the boards for storing markers etc., or removed and used as a non-magnetic laptop dry-erase board.

Note to teachers at APO and FPO addresses: this easel is too large to be shipped by mail. That means we can not ship this easel to APO or FPO addresses, per USPS regulations. Please see our item MC003 Tabletop Magnetic Easel as an alternative.

Be sure to read our Returns Policy as applicable to this easel.

Dual Magnetic ChalkBoard/MarkerBoard Easel (Narrow)

SKU: MC005

Price: $329.95 $297.90


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