3-Pocket Zippered Send-Home Bags 10″ x 13-½″, set of 5

These storage bags have a clear heavy duty waterproof pocket in the center with a zipper along one edge. Outside one side has a see through mesh fabric pocket with it’s own zipper on the long edge. On the other side is a tight weave net pocket with a separate zipper along the short edge. Sturdy rouble stitching on all edges and seams for added durability. Each set contains 5 bright colors of mesh and net fabrics: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Purple. The entire bag is see through so you can see what’s inside. 13-½″ x 10″.

3-Pocket Zippered Send-Home Bags 10" x 13-1/2", set of 5

SKU: PE018

Price: $18.00 $14.95

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